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About Our Company

During the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, MERIDIANA HEALTH LLC was founded together with a group of registered nurses who work closely together in the hospital. They were comprised of 6 well-versed and professional nurses. Cumulatively, they have over 80 years of experience in the different fields of nursing — home health, critical care, psychiatry, long-term care, oncology, and neurology, to name a few. During the crisis, they observed the changes in the environment in the hospital setting. This included the amount of exposure people were subjected to just by being present in a hospital along with a concentrated number of ill people. This led them to brainstorm and discuss how great it would be to be able to deliver the same type of care and service to the community without them having to leave the comfort of their own home. Thus, MERIDIANA HEALTH LLC came to be.

Johnson Duque

About Our Owners

Johnson Duque is the president and owner of MERIDIANA HEALTH LLC. He has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a bachelor’s degree in nursing. He has over 9 years of experience in sales and marketing and has worked as a registered nurse for 5 years and is currently in practice. His nursing work includes medical-surgical telemetry, progressive care, home health, dialysis, skilled nursing, private nursing, and neurology. He is a kind-spirited professional who is often cited by his clients as their favorite nurse. His colleagues, who love and respect him, often look to him for guidance.

He continues to work in the critical care setting and is up-to-date with the changes in health care. He is a compassionate worker and team player who believes in providing personalized quality service.



Jennifer is one of the owners and Vice President of Meridiana Healthcare. She holds a bevy of experience in healthcare when she first started as a LPN sixteen years ago taking care of adult and geriatric patients. She has gone on to achieve her Bachelors in Nursing with Medical and Cardiovascular ICU as her main focus of expertise in caring for the sickest of patients. Six years ago, Jennifer graduated on with a Masters as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner working in several prestigious hospitals in the Greater Houston area. She brings a quality of care to our practice that is vital to our patients and company.


Daniel Cadiente

Daniel Cadiente, one of the founders and owner of MERIDIANA HEALTH LLC, is a registered nurse with more than 11 years of extensive experience, including:

  • Medical-Surgical Telemetry
  • Cath Lab
  • All Adult Critical Care
  • Psychiatry
  • Skilled Nursing

Mike Nguyen

Mike Nguyen is the Director of Nursing for Meridiana Health. He has 11 years of experience as an RN providing his expertise in MedSurg, MedICU, NeuroICU, and Interventional Radiology. He is also a certified PICC RN. Mike holds a Master’s degree in Nursing Science as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Furthermore, he has a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems and has worked on the corporate side for 6 years in IT. He has acquired certifications in Epic Clinical Documentation with the ability to set up and establish new electronic medical records for hospital systems throughout Houston area. His bevy of knowledge and experiences always focuses on the importance of true patient care and positive outcomes as the focal goal.


Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide professional and paraprofessional services to clients in their homes, assisting them to achieve the highest level of potential in their day-to-day self-care activities.

Our Vision Statement

We are committed to providing high-quality, multidisciplinary care by professionals who recognize the need for a comprehensive assessment of needs from both the client and professional’s point of view.

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